Exploring Possibilities…

I look forward to sharing some of my energy here, to elaborate on my inspirations and what I discover about the human experience, and how we can live our greatest potential in a down-to-earth and practical way.

More often than not, we are beckoned to admire the most rigorous feats of human accomplishment, and these are marvelous, to be certain, but we frequently neglect the unkempt magic of the most inglorious and simple of moments.

As I lay this tiny offering out there into the altar of the interwebs, I hope that you, the one who is reading this, will consider the value of every moment. Please do not discount the meaningful nature of calmness; of peaceful moments and simple pleasures. Find dreams through interaction and reverie, and chase them with your all, but only if you promise to lay down in the grass and watch the clouds roll by a few minutes everyday, never forget the necessity of sleep, the magic of the presence of your loved ones, and the crucial act of just being. We cannot be full with the spacious acts of peaceful expansion, the ones that allow us to process the millions of pieces of mental information we scan in any given day.

Trust the process- but DO NOT be passive. Let even your downtime be filled with conscious choice. But trust the innate need for balance… we cannot always be going. We must also slow down. That is part of the secret to living your greatest potential of human health, happiness, and fulfilment.  -Laura


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