You can live a unique life of happiness, health, & confidence!

Professional guidance to find balance, fitness, and healing through self-discovery & custom creation of a personalized and passionate lifestyle. 


The transformative application of
mindfulness meditation,
yoga/mindful movement/fitness,
social-emotional intelligence tools & education,
creative expression,
& life coaching
for adults & children,
including those with disabilities  


Saratoga NY – globally via Zoom

For more information on individual work with clients, please see One on One. For information on corporate and institutional yoga, mindfulness, and emotional health programs, please see Consultancy.



IMG_8521Learn to understand & work with your emotions, better cope with stress & anxiety, improve relationships, develop your confidence, body awareness, fitness, and life satisfaction through coaching with Laura.

Laura is a gifted teacher of EQ/emotional health and a mentor for personal growth. She can help you learn to handle your emotions and those of others in healthier ways.

She is also the perfect guide for highly-sensitive individuals. Being deeply empathetic, she can help others understand and begin to own with grace their beautifully sensitive nature. This is why she is the perfect teacher of mindfulness and social-emotional health for children and teens, including those who are extra sensitive, creative, or affected by autism, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, or other disabilities or mental health concerns.

Her own journey saw her overcoming poor self-esteem, emotional trauma, anorexia, and anxiety using only mindfulness, intuitive eating and lifestyle, and a balanced, mindful fitness routine. She went from a daily life experience that was filled with suffering to living a life that is filled with fulfilment, joy, success, and wonderment.

Her radiant and passionate energy, paired with her vast and varied experience, and clear, practical delivery makes her an effective and affecting speaker, teacher, and guide.



Laura Harrison


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Laura Harrison is a motivational speaker, consultant, fitness instructor, mindfulness/social-emotional health educator, author, life coach, and guide. She is the founder of the Natural Yoga Method.

She offers profound mentor-style transformative work one-on-one, locally & via Skype. She also specializes in offering mindfulness, emotional health, & movement-based professional development programs. Her programming is trauma-informed, and she works with children & adults, including neurodivergent and disabled folks.


2019-2022 Master’s candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Antioch University New England, Keene NH.

2017-2018 Completed Doctoral courses in Clinical Psychology, Walden University.


Schneller, Harrison, Adelman & Post. (2019). Outcomes of art-based environmental education in the Hudson River watershed. Applied Environmental Education.

references furnished upon request

2016-2018 Working with AIM Services of Saratoga in supporting staff and individuals with Mindfulness-based emotional awareness, stress-relief, yoga, and anxiety reduction techniques.

2015-current Leading professional development courses in Mindfulness and Movement, as applied towards school settings, neurodivergent/disabled individuals, emotional health and healing, quality of life, professional performance, and more.

2014-current one on one (and families/couples) yoga/mindfulness and mentoring programs; professional development in applying mindfulness; consulting and speaking/lecturing. Work with children & adults, including clients with special needs.

2014-2016 Yoga Therapy in the Classroom working in various classrooms in a Schenectady NY public school (self-contained special needs classrooms) facilitated a highly-effective yoga & mindfulness program offering tools of focus, self-regulation, social-emotional health, confidence, compassion, and self-advocacy.

2013-current began as a consultant/contractor for CDPHP offering yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, and wellness programs.

2012 began focusing on Yoga Therapy- as a complimentary therapy for social-emotional health for children and adults, including those with special needs and trauma

2010-2016 Natural Yoga Method Teacher Training Course Designed the course syllabus and reading list, and authored the 80+ page manual, as well as conducted this year-long mentoring program. The six graduates from this time are Shaun Schriner, Jessica Overbaugh, Joy Adler, Cheryl Sweet, Matt Edwards, & Gina Emden.

2008-current taught yoga classes to adults and children with special needs in addition to my regular roster

2006-current started offering various workshops, lectures, and wellness programing, including healthy cooking classes

2006-2014 opened, owned & operated the Natural Yoga Method Yoga Studio in Amsterdam NY in addition to holding every administrative duty, taught all classes (12-20 per week), private lessons, workshops, created and hosted lectures and special cultural events.

2006 worked as an instructor and personal trainer at what is now Alpin Haus Fitness in Amsterdam NY

2006 successfully taught yoga to 2/3 year olds while working at Miss Karen’s Kids Club

2005 founded the Natural Yoga Method: melding mindfulness meditation with yoga & other embodying somatic movement (such as natural/intuitive/developmental) practices and emotional awareness to empower students to guide their lives by their own sense of inner rightness.

2005 taught classes at True Balance in Coconut Grove FL & Idol’s Gym Miami FL, & ran an independent group class program in the park on NE 39th Street near the Julia Tuttle Bridge.

Training & Undergraduate Education:

2005 Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Teacher Training

2002-2004 taught various group fitness classes and offered personal training at several Albany NY locations

2004 NASM Personal Trainer Certification

2003 Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art/Mixed Media Studies (SUNY) State University of New York at Albany

2003 APEX Fitness Certified

2002 AFAA Group Exercise Certified