Laura Harrison

You can find joy in being you.

Professional guidance to support self-discovery & creation of a personalized lifestyle.

Current focus: The transformative application of
mindfulness meditation,
yoga/mindful movement/fitness,
social-emotional intelligence tools & education,
creative expression,
& life coaching
for adults & children,
including those with disabilities  


For more information on individual work with clients, please see One on One. For information on corporate mindfulness, stress relief, and emotional health programs, please see Consultancy.


About Laura’s Work:

Learn to understand & work with your emotions, cope with stress & anxiety, improve relationships, develop your confidence and self awareness, and benefit your life satisfaction through working with Laura.

Beginning in early 2023, Laura is transitioning her work primarily to psychotherapy in New York State, as she receives her limited permit on her journey to become a fully licensed mental health counselor.

Laura can support you through your personal growth. She can help you learn to handle your emotions and those of others in healthier ways. She specializes in using a relational perspective, trauma informed practices, and empowering you with psychoeducation. Laura strives to center the client’s identity and culture, as well as goals, as the most important lens. She is affirming of all racial/ethnic, gender/LGBTQ+, religious, neurodivergent/disability aspects of identity.

Laura is known for having a warm, honest presence, with strong positive regard for her clients.


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