One-on-One Work

Whether you are sick of not feeling at home in your own life & skin, healing from trauma, feeling stuck, or turning over a new leaf and ready to shine, you don’t need to do the work alone.
Your perfect teacher & guide is here.


Mind-Body Life Coaching Transformative Work~
Schenectady NY & via Skype

If you want to feel differently, it will require you to make changes internally and externally. I can work with you to slowly address every aspect of your daily life to build a lifestyle in which you THIRVE every day, instead of just merely surviving.

My work is to help you find and create a world in which you feel vibrant and fully alive!

The world hasn’t taught us how to be healthy with our emotions. And many of us are feeling the effects of that, especially lately: PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, intense fear, unexplained mood swings, feeling listless or stuck in our daily lives, or struggling to be happy. It’s difficult to believe in yourself when you received the message that you are wrong or not good enough your entire life. I will teach you how to see through what is false outside of you, and see through the negative voice in your mind, to what is true. Using yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing and more, I will teach you how to hear your inner guidance and follow it to a life that feels like a blessing!

You have no idea how amazing you can actually feel in your everyday life- and it is my work to help you achieve that!


I developed my work overcoming my own trauma and resulting difficulties (anxiety, poor self-esteem, fear, eating disorders, reproductive and digestive issues), and I’m pleased to say that I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. It’s transformed my life from daily hell to the most natural joy I have ever known. I’ve never had the self-esteem that I do now, and THAT is the source of my quality of life.

Our one-on-one (1:1) work creates an on-going program to engage in your healing transformation at a slow, steady, healthy pace. It is more than life coaching- it is mentoring, complimentary therapy, and personal training. Each program is individualized, but typically contains: discussion, mindfulness,  diaphragmatic breathing, active yoga poses/partner yoga/mindful fitness, restorative yoga, safe space to express and cry, hugs, nurturing but honest support, emotional tools and skills, creative expression for self-discovery, and more.


Tell your story, find the roots of your pain in the past and unconscious shadows of your mind, and as you bring it out into the light, it will lose its power to control you. You can take control of your life story moving forward, create a healthier relationship with your body and emotions, and with others. Understand yourself, and fall in love with who you are. Create a lifestyle in which you thrive.

Sessions for children, families, & couples, including family members with special needs, are available.

First session $75, then $60 per hour.
(fair sliding scale available)


 Individual client rate for standing appointments:

$60/hr ~ $80/90 mins ~ $100/ 2 hr.



If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out today! It never hurts to ask, and for every day that you don’t begin, feeling your best will be put off that much further!

NO yoga or meditation experience needed!

You will be respected, your information kept private, & heart held safely. Vulnerability is scary, but the only way to create beneficial change. I’m here at your service.

Also email me at: or call me at 518.866.3621 to inquire. 

I hope that you will be brave, push through your fear and the stigma of reaching out for help (we ALL need each other, and it may be humbling, but it is the truth!), and begin to invest in your quality of life with your daily actions.

Benefits of this healing work:

Increased confidence & inner peace

healthier emotional understanding, processing and expression

deeper connection to the physical and emotional sensations as “intuitive” guidance

healthier and increased vitality

gradually overcoming trauma/anxiety/past patterns

increased body confidence and awareness

better posture over time

increased focus, patience, and inner calm through mindfulness

handle change & transitions more smoothly

prioritize lifestyle to increase time spent on what matters most

capable of healthier relationships and deeper connections

handle the emotions of others in healthier ways

develop self-advocacy, self-regulation, motivation


Refund & Cancellation & Late Policy:

Appointments can be rescheduled with advance notice of at least 24 hours with no penalty.
Day of rescheduling less than 8 hours in advance is billable 60% of the full session fee, at instructor discretion.

Cancellation within 3 hours is billable at 100% of the full session fee, at instructor discretion.

There are no refunds, but credit can be shifted to different services, or transferred with instructor consent.

If you are late for a private session the class will end at the originally scheduled time.

If  you are more than 15 minutes late for a private class it is at the instructor’s discretion whether to hold an abbreviated class or not.