One-on-One Work

Laura will be transitioning to work as a psychotherapist in early 2023. Until then she continues her coaching and adaptive yoga/mindfulness/relaxation programming. Laura plans to incorporate somatic & mindful practices to make her work accessible to as many people as possible. More to come.

Coaching & Transformative Work~
Saratoga NY – via FaceTime/Skype

Laura will support you as you cultivate a lifestyle that allows you to thrive and feel like you’re living your best life!

“My work is to help you find and create a life in which you feel fully alive!”


Dominant narratives in American/Eurocentric cultures haven’t taught us how to be healthy with our emotions. And many of us are feeling the effects of that, especially lately in this very stressful world: lack of connection, PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, intense fear, addiction, unexplained mood swings, feeling listless or stuck in our daily lives, or struggling to be happy. It’s difficult to believe in yourself when you received the message that you are wrong or not good enough in various ways for your entire life. I will engage you with information, supporting you in choosing your own compass and recognizing programming that you no longer serves you. With a little support you may begin to see through the negative voice in your mind, to what is healthy and true about yourself, as well as find your ways to cope with the very real stresses and discomforts in your world.

Using discussion, mindful fitness, mindfulness meditation, deep breathing and more, I will teach you how to hear your inner guidance and follow it to a life that feels like a happy home. You will be seen, heard, educated, and empowered.

“You have no idea how amazing you can actually feel in your everyday life- and it is my work to help you achieve that!”


What You Receive:

I give you a fully customized program to meet your physical, inner & outer goals. Some clients like to focus solely on mindfulness based coping techniques for their anxiety, some focus on coping through movement alone, some focus mainly on holistic fitness. Some students mainly focus on lifestyle design. Some want to focus on the works- Fitness, focus, emotional intelligence, growth, help with routines/planning/organizing, creative inspiration, and coping strategies.

We set up our session frequency and can adjust this any time. Most clients choose to work one time weekly with me for 1-6 months or longer. Some may choose biweekly or monthly sessions, if it suits their goals and needs. Clients may work with me on a goal, and once they achieve that goal they may reduce or pause their sessions, but may come back in the future to work on a new goal together.

Each one-on-one program is completely personalized, comprised of a mix of some of the following: discussion, mindfulness,  diaphragmatic breathing, active yoga poses/partner yoga/mindful fitness/Pilates/dance, restorative yoga, nurturing-but-honest support, information, creative expression for self-discovery, guidance in becoming more plant-based in diet, help with routines/planning/executive function in setting up a thriving lifestyle, and more.

Sessions are available for adults, children, families, & couples, including those with disabilities*. Adaptive programming is one of my main specialties.


“The thing about Laura Harrison is that she’s the first exercise instructor I’ve ever worked with who made me feel really, really great about my body. I’ve always, always, always had complexes about my body and the things it can and can’t do. Laura is helping me to learn how to be more comfortable with the body I have. Doing body-work is a form of healing I’ve never really considered as super important before, but because of Laura I’m working on healing my body as well as my soul.” ~Jaya S.

“Laura has been working with my daughter Christina, who has special needs, for some time now. She has built a wonderful bond with her and has made her feel valued and appreciated. Laura has helped her be able to communicate how she is feeling despite the fact that she is non-verbal. Laura has taught her calming techniques that Christina has learned to generalize to other settings. I truly appreciate all that Laura has done to help Christina have a better quality of life.” ~Lucy B.

 Individual client rate for standing appointments:


Initial phone/email consultation is free (15 mins).

(For clients who can’t afford the regular rate but wish to attend ongoing lessons I offer fair sliding scale rates- typically $40-55 per session. Please reach out for more information)

*Self-direction funding is accepted, and I bill directly for your convenience.

See cancellation policy below.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out today!

NO yoga or meditation experience needed!

You will be respected, your information kept private, & heart held safely. Vulnerability is scary, but the only way to create beneficial change.

I’m here at your service.

Please reach me at: or call me at 518.618.2621 to inquire. The initial consultation via email/phone is free.

I hope that you will be brave, push through your fear and the stigma of reaching out for help. You deserve support and respect!


Refund & Cancellation & Late Policy:

Appointments can be rescheduled with advance notice of at least 24 hours with no penalty.
Day of rescheduling less than 8 hours in advance is billable 60% of the full session fee, at instructor discretion.

Cancellation within 3 hours is billable at 100% of the full session fee, at instructor discretion.

There are no refunds, but credit can be shifted to different services, or transferred with instructor consent.

If you are late for a private session the class will end at the originally scheduled time.

If  you are more than 15 minutes late for a private class it is at the instructor’s discretion whether to hold an abbreviated class or not.